01-02-92     Shock Therapy in Russia/Why a 'Currency Board' Would Be a Mistake for Russia
01-07-92 January Outlook
01-15-92 Growth Package: Good News, Bad News/Problems in Moscow
01-20-92 Democratic Candidates, etc.
01-24-92 Russia Trip
01-31-92 Taxing Wall Street, etc.
02-05-92 Seven Argument for Eliminating Capital Gains Taxation
02-07-92 Breakfast at the Fed, etc.
02-13-92 Tax Maneuvers
02-24-92 Of Chickens, Ducks and Parrots
03-03-92 The Buchanan Candidacy
03-05-92 Shame on The New York Times
03-09-92 Random Tax Thoughts
03-11-92 Stupor Tuesday
03-13-92 A Brady-Bush Ticket
03-17-92 Finally, a Clear Signal from Gold
03-20-92 Brown vs. Clinton vs. Bush
04-03-92 The New York Primary/The IMF Loses a Round in Russia
04-10-92 On the Other Hand, the West May Rise Again
04-14-92 Yeltsin on the Ropes
04-20-92 Howard Jarvis, Ronald Reagan & H. Ross Perot
05-01-92 Meeting with Perot
05-06-92 What to Expect from L.A.
05-19-92 Back from Moscow
05-22-92 Social Values: A Nixonian Diversion
05-27-92 The Perot Campaign, etc.
06-17-92 Deflation Pressure Batters World Equities, etc.
06-23-92 Perot, Jesse and the Black Vote
06-24-92 Double Dip Possibility
07-02-92 A Holiday Cookout
07-07-92 Perot: As Good as It's Going to Get
07-13-92 The Democratic Convention: New Deal Requiem
07-21-92 Where Do We Go From Here?
07-24-92 Capgains Initiative, etc.
07-29-92 A Nice Summer Rally
07-31-92 The Chances of Indexing Capgains
08-07-92 Three Days in Washington
08-11-92 The Politics of Peacetime Conversion
08-21-92 Same Old Gridlock
08-24-92 Bullish on Jim Baker
08-27-92 Indexing Capgains: High Probability
09-01-92 Update on Indexing, etc.
09-04-92 Next Week, A Young Texas Bush, Perhaps
09-09-92 Bush's Economic Club Speech
09-10-92 The Detroit Speech: Reaganomics Is Back in Town/In the Wind, a Dollar Standard
09-15-92 No Detroit Followup in Sight
09-17-92 Monetary Leadership after Maastricht
09-21-92 Three Golden Cheers for JBIII
09-22-92 Economic Outlook, Still Anemic/President Bush, Spinning His Wheels
09-28-92 The GOP's Sinking Ship
10-01-92 President Clinton and Bonds
10-05-92 The Bush-Darman Sell-Off
10-08-92 The Woodward Series and the Presidential Homestretch
10-09-92 Bill Clinton: The New, Moderate Democrat
10-12-92 The Fourth Candidate: JBIII
10-15-92 Memo to Alan Greenspan
10-21-92 JBIII, The Invisible Man
10-26-92 Anything Goes
11-02-92 A Vote for Bush, Barely
11-04-92 Man on the Margin: Alan Greenspan
11-06-92 Economic Odds and Ends
11-24-92 Hong Kong Jitters, China Boom
12-04-92 Clinton Economic Team
12-11-92 Clinton Economic Team (cont.)
12-16-92 Russia's New Premier, A Defeat for the IMF
12-23-92 The Bond Market in 1993