01-05-95 Notes on the Revolution/Notes on Mexico
01-09-95 Chechnya and the Evil Empire
01-10-95 Notes on the Revolution II
01-11-95 Rubin at Treasury
01-12-95 Mexico on the Rocks
01-16-95 Mexico: A Republican Answer?
01-17-95 Notes on the Revolution III
01-23-95 Mexico: Back to 3.5?
02-02-95 End of the Death Star/Fedwatch
02-06-95 Notes on the Revolution V
02-10-95 The Mexico Crisis
02-10-95 Mexico, Closing in on 3.5
02-10-95 The Baseball Strike
02-15-95 Capital Gains in a Supply Model
02-16-95 Mexico Moment of Truth
02-22-95 Mexico: As Bad as it Gets
02-23-95 Greenspan's Lesson Learned
02-24-95 Newdysseus, Home At Last
02-28-95 Notes on the Revolution VI/Fedwatch
03-21-95 Notes on the Revolution VII
03-23-95 The Contract Bogs Down
03-27-95 Malcolm S. Forbes, Jr.: A Brief for '96
03-30-95 Notes on the Revolution VII/Yen/Gold
04-03-95 Notes on the Revolution IX
04-07-95 Thinking about the Contract
04-11-95 Questioning the Currency Float
04-18-95 The Crowded Republican Field
04-19-95 Dollar/Yen/Gold
04-21-95 Notes on the Revolution X/Now, Watch the Nikkei
04-25-95 From Waco to Oklahoma City
04-28-95 Notes on the Revolution XI/Dollar/Yen
05-08-95 The Ugly Americans
05-11-95 Notes on the Revolution/Fedwatch
05-12-95 The Trend to a 100 Yen/Dollar Rate
05-18-95 Remember Pearl Harbor
05-19-95 Market Slide/Japan Trade War: A Way Out
05-22-95 Gingrich and Gridlock
05-24-95 China, Friend or Foe?
05-26-95 Notes on the Revolution XIII
05-31-95 Notes on the Revolution XIV/Yen Woes
06-05-95 Hard Landing - Now What?/Forbes Statement
06-07-95 Economic Origins, Culture Wars
06-09-95 Greenspan Hesitates/Nikkei Nosedive
06-13-95 The Kemp Tax Commission, Looking Up
06-15-95 Notes on the Revolution XV
06-19-95 Why the Stock Marker Is Booming/Fedwatch
06-21-95 Remember Pearl Harbor (Continued)
06-27-95 Exciting News from London
07-05-95 Notes on the Revolution XVI
07-12-95 Newt in the China Shop
07-17-95 Bosnia: A Way Out
07-18-95 NASDAQ Hits 1000/Fedwatch
07-20-95 Don't Blame Greenspan
07-28-95 Notes on the Revolution XVII
08-07-95 Another Clinton Comeback
08-09-95 Half A Telcom Loaf, Better Than None/Bosnia Watch
08-10-95 Karl Marx and the Unibomber
08-16-95 The Dollar's Big Comeback/No title
08-24-95 Fedwatch: Behind Greenspan's Pass/Hellary
08-25-95 Notes on the Revolution XVIII
09-08-95 A Republican Train Wreck
09-12-95 The Powell Factor
09-25-95 A Star is Born
09-27-95 The Gingrich Gambit/Fedwatch
10-02-95 Notes on the Revolution XX/Dollar/Yen
10-05-95 Maneuverings on Taxes/Fedwatch
10-06-95 Four Black Men
10-16-95 The Million Man March
10-18-95 Notes on the Revolution XXI
10-19-95 Steve Skywalker
10-24-95 Notes on the Revolution XXII/Dollar/Mark/Yen
10-30-95 Mexico: Floundering Again
11-02-95 Notes on the Revolution XXIII/Fedwatch
11-07-95 The Swing of the Political Pendulum
11-08-95 Powell, Rabin and Reconciliation
11-13-95 A Forbes vs. Dole Scenario
11-14-95 Playing the Budget Game
11-16-95 Outline of a Budget Deal
11-21-95 Notes on the Revolution XXIV
11-28-95 Troops in Bosnia: A Fait Accompli
12-04-95 Will There Be A Budget?
12-06-95 Notes on the Revolution XXV
12-12-95 Down to the Wire on Christmas Eve?
12-18-95 Budget's Weak Link: Bob Dole
12-20-95 Notes on the Revolution XXVI
12-26-95 Thinking about 1996
12-28-95 Budget Stalemate: The Downside