01-04-96     Market Slide: Last Gasp of the Liberals
01-09-96 Budget Watch: Blue Dog Option
01-15-96 Budget Watch: Memo to Newt
01-26-96 Budget Watch: Republicans Regroup
01-31-96 Forbes on the Move
02-05-96 An Anxious Time in the Market
02-09-96 Notes on the Revolution XXVII
02-12-96 Forbes Against the Field
02-14-96 The Racing Form: Iowa Results
02-16-96 The Racing Form: New Hampshire Debate
02-21-96 The Racing Form: New Hampshire Scramble
02-22-96 Notes on the Revolution XXVIII
02-23-96 Thinking about Buchanan
02-27-96 Back to the Budget
02-28-96 The Racing Form: Forbes After Arizona
03-01-96 The Racing Form: Backstretch Primaries
03-04-96 Notes on the Revolution XXIX
03-06-96 The Racing Form: Kemp Comes Through
03-11-96 Market Plunge: Bye-bye to Capgains?
03-12-96 Notes on the Revolution XXX
03-15-96 Dole at a Crossroads
03-21-96 Notes on the Revolution XXXI/Bonds Poised for a Rebound
03-29-96 Notes on the Revolution XXXII
04-03-96 A Two-Tier Economy
04-08-96 Bear Market Horizon
04-17-96 Republicans on the Rocks
04-19-96 A Bullish Paradigm Shift
04-29-96 Republicans on the Rocks II
05-01-96 Kemp-Powell: A Third Party Scenario
05-08-96 State of the Economy
05-13-96 Clinton in Control
05-20-96 Dole on His Own
05-28-96 Global Scorecard
05-31-96 Clinton, Dole & the Reform Ticket
06-04-96 Dole, Taxes and the Character Issue
06-11-96 Tax Entitlements, et cetera
06-13-96 Mismeasuring the Economy
07-01-96 Russian Elections
07-02-96 In Defense of the President
07-10-96 Clinton vs. Dole vs. Perot
07-11-96 Market Selloff
07-15-96 Wynning and Trumping in Sodom and Gomorrah
07-17-96 Wall Street Roller Coaster
07-22-96 In Defense of Bob Dole
07-25-96 The Tax Issue
07-31-96 Welfare Politics
08-05-96 Problems with the Dole Tax Plan/Fedwatch
08-07-96 In Defense of Ross Perot
08-08-96 Dole/Kemp Ticket Now in Play
08-12-96 Dole/Kemp versus Clinton/Gore
08-15-96 Dole/Kemp, a Winnable Ticket
08-19-96 Notes on the '96 Campaign
08-22-96 Clinton or Dole? Who's Best for Wall Street
08-26-96 Democrats in Convention
08-27-96 Fedwatch: The Minneapolis Hawk
08-30-96 Clinton Stands Pat/What Kind of Growth
09-03-96 In Defense of Saddam Hussein
09-05-96 Plenty of Time for Dole/Kemp
09-10-96 Kemp, Farrakhan and the Black Vote
09-13-96 Notes on Campaign '96 II/Fedwatch
09-17-96 The Economy Perks Alone
09-20-96 The Emperor Clinton Has No Clothes
09-24-96 The Old Man & the Polls
09-27-96 Fedwatch/Campaign Watch: Kemp on the Move
10-01-96 Notes on Campaign '96 III
10-04-96 Notes on Campaign '96 IV
10-08-96 A Family Matter
10-11-96 Why Dole/Kemp Should Win
10-14-96 Breakthrough on Indexing Capgains
10-16-96 Notes on Campaign '96 V
10-18-96 Memo to Editors
10-21-96 Dow at 6100: What Next
10-24-96 Notes on Campaign '96 VI
10-29-96 The Case for Bob Dole
11-01-96 The Establishment Is Winning
11-06-96 The Best Man Wins
11-11-96 The Clinton/Lott Government
11-15-96 Clinton/Lott Government II
11-25-96 Today's Wall Street Journal
12-09-96 Bear Tracks
12-17-96 Wall Street: Themes and Variations
12-18-96 Dinner with Farrakhan