01-03-02     January Effects, But Still Deflation
01-08-02 The Mechanics of Monetary Deflation
01-17-02 When Does It End?
01-23-02 A Few Things to Worry About
01-30-02 State of the Union/Deconstructing 4Q GNP
02-05-02 Gold's Surge: When Does It Stop?
02-08-02 Client Q&A on the Gold Surge
02-25-02 Is the Recession Over?
02-27-02 What? A Credit Squeeze?
03-08-02 Tax Bill: Bolt from the Blue
03-13-02 Pushing Against the Tide
03-20-02 Gold Stuck at $293
03-27-02 The Gold Move
04-04-02 Colin Powell to the Rescue
04-10-02 Bush and Arafat, Both Boxed In
04-15-02 The NeoCon/Conservative Pact Unravels
04-18-02 Waiting for Something to Happen
05-01-02 Wall Street's Elusive Inflection Point
05-09-02 How Low Can the Market Go?
05-20-02 Finding the Bottom
05-23-02 Thinking about Deflation XXI
05-30-02 'It's the Economy Stupid'
06-06-02 Inflation + Deflation = Reflation
06-12-02 Testing the Floor
06-20-02 The Model: Still Working
06-24-02 An Overcooked Bear?
07-11-02 The Corporate Terrorist Tax
07-17-02 Sorting Out the Market Variables
07-23-02 Please Do Not Feed the Bear
07-29-02 Gold and the Fast Track
08-06-02 Waiting for Good News, or Bad News
08-14-02 Walking the Treadmill with President Bush
08-20-02 Wall Street and Iraq
08-28-02 The Real Reason for Invading Iraq
09-04-02 Congress Returns: Wall Street Trembles
09-09-02 Relax on Iraq
09-17-02 Paying for a War in Iraq
09-19-02 A Saddam Stock Market
09-23-02 Slowing the War Momentum
09-30-02 A Saddam Stock Market (Cont.)
10-03-02 A Saddam Stock Market III
10-08-02 The Bush Speech: What Next?
10-14-02 The No-War Scenario
10-24-02 An End to the Saddam Stock Market?
10-31-02 Quite a Nice October
11-06-02 First Thoughts on the Election
11-11-02 Back to the Deflation Market
11-25-02 The Fed Notices Deflation
12-06-02 Brinkmanship with Iraq
12-09-02 New Economic Team, Old Ideas
12-11-02 New Team, Further Thoughts
12-13-02 The Anatomy of the Gold Move
12-17-02 The Anti-Lott Coalition
12-20-02 Holiday Notes and Comments