01-02-03     2003, A Year without War
01-06-03 Bush Tax Plan: First Assessment
01-08-03 Bush Tax Plan: Even Better
01-08-03 Bush Tax Plan: Even Better
01-16-03 Will Bush Go It Alone?
01-21-03 Diminishing Chances of War
01-30-03 Still No War with Iraq
02-05-03 Powell's Case: Iraq's Issue Stays with the U.N.
02-07-03 The Peace Scenario
02-11-03 The War Scenario
02-18-03 A Global Conversation
02-21-03 Still the Peace Scenario
03-06-03 Up to the Brink
03-10-03 Discounting the War Threat
03-18-03 The War Market: First Thoughts
03-20-03 The War Market II
04-01-03 The War Market III
04-08-03 The War Market IV
04-22-03 Easter Recess
05-02-03 A Supply-side Tax Bill
05-08-03 The Fed's Deflation Concern
05-13-03 Treading Water
05-23-03 Tax Bill: A Big Winner
06-05-03 What's Wrong with the Democrats
06-11-03 Market Cross-Currents
06-19-03 Things You Do Not Have to Worry About
06-25-03 The Fed Is Almost Irrelevant
07-02-03 Third Quarter Thoughts
07-14-03 A Sawtooth Climb on Wall Street
07-23-03 What's Moving the Markets
08-01-03 Bad News, Good News
08-06-03 Geopolitical Risks Up; Wall Street Down
08-11-03 The California Factor
08-20-03 The Big Picture (King of the Mountain)
08-26-03 The Big Picture (Deficits Galore)
09-04-03 September, So Far Okay
09-11-03 Presidential Politics
09-16-03 Miscellaneous Updates
09-22-03 Dollar/Gold, Getting to Be a Problem
09-25-03 A Few Market Negatives
10-01-03 A Few Market Positives
10-08-03 California Possibilities
10-14-03 New Dynamics in Gold and Currency Models
10-15-03 General Confusion on Economic Policies
10-22-03 Gold's Rise: Something New to Worry About
11-04-03 Bull Market or Bear Trap
11-12-03 Wall Street Wobbles on Taxes, Gold and Oil
11-19-03 Nibbling Away at te Bull
12-02-03 Betting Against the Dollar
12-08-03 Political/Market Watch
12-16-03 The President's Reelection Ducks Lined Up
12-18-03 General Confusion Over Inflation
12-29-03 Thinking about the U.S. of 2004
12-31-03 The January Effect