Optimum Gold Price
Jude Wanniski
December 8, 2000


I would not normally write a specific recommendation you read one of my weekly lessons at "Supply-side University," but this weekend's posting, a reprint of a Wall Street Journal op-ed, "The Optimum Gold Price," January 7, 1998, almost three years ago, has utility now. When I wrote it, I knew I would be shoveling against the tide. There was zero reaction to it, almost as if it had never appeared. It is worth re-reading now, as I packed everything I could into it, and it is as relevant now as then, given the further decline in the dollar/gold price since then. No matter what other positive news reaches the financial markets, the gold price remains a nagging negative. I'm writing another op-ed for submission in the next few days, although I will wait until the dust settles on the presidential race, or it will again get little or no attention. We really need a Treasury Secretary who is open to considering a basic monetary reform.