Greenspan/Tax Cuts
Jude Wanniski
December 18, 2000


I'm getting some queries surprised at hints that Greenspan will go along with the Bush tax cuts.... Greenspan has always been a chameleon. He even went along with the WIN buttons when he was CEA chairman to President Ford. He will be nice to Bush on fiscal policy as long as they leave him alone on money. Greenspan may actually make a positive contribution if he can find ways to suggest Bush consider lowering the capital gains tax, as a boost to productivity. Remember Greenspan thinks it should be zero and Bush would leave it where it is -- unless he gets pushed in that direction.

Take a look at Bob Bartley's column on the WSJ editorial page today. It tells GWB that the WSJ would look kindly on the appointment of Wayne Angell, Jack Hennessy or Felix Rohatyn as Treasury Secretary. He also mentions Paul Volcker at Treasury, but that's probably just to be nice to Volcker. Forget the silly Fred Barnes piece about Bill Bradley at Treasury... Bradley would be awful.

This is the last of the National Post series of debates between Bob Mundell and Milton Friedman.... Mundell at his best, Milton at his worst... calling Bob's idea of a world currency "a monstrosity."